Hi, I’m Michael Descy

You can call me Mike.



I’m Mike. This is my personal website.

I contain multitudes, but, if you are short of time, my Micro.blog bio sums me up nicely:

I am an auditor, examiner, programmer, technologist, data analyzer, writer, and plaintext enthusiast. I created and maintain the SwiftoDo apps, which are todo.txt task list apps for iOS and macOS.

I am excited about technology, politics, language, art, and culture.

I consider myself a secular humanist and a liberal artist. (The second one I just made up.)

In general, I want to help people and to have purpose in my life.


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Site redesign

On February 8, 2021, my web host got hacked. My hosting company prompted decided to email its customers and shut down operations completely. They left their web servers up, but not the administrative server that I used to log into to access the cPanel links for all my websites. (I had five separate sites.) I was able to recover my files, but not well enough to lift-and-load them to a new web host. Read more
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If you don’t know me, and want to get in touch, please contact me through LinkedIn.